We are the manufacturers of large electric machines rely on insulated round and flat wires made of copper and aluminium.

These wires are used in the production of windings for motors, generators and transformers.

MICAPLY offer a wide range of different insulation build-up and thus support the specific requirements of our customers. 

Advantages of our Copper/ Aluminum Wires:


  • Our Flat wires offer a better fill factor due to their stack-ability.  They make a highly compact motors when followed a hairpin or wave winding. 
  • Our Flat wires support automated winding, making coil insertion easy.
  • Our Flat winding wires offer less electrical resistance due to higher cross-sectional area. This means that copper loss is significantly lower in comparison to round wires.
  • Our Flat wires covers more surface area in the slot, they can provide better power density. This also enables them to generate the peak power needed for a traction motor. 
  • Our wires offer superior ability to withstand cyclic TEAM (thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical) stresses.    
  • Our offers operational reliability under harsh environmental conditions of vibration, shock, humidity, ambient temperature etc.
  • Our wires are suitable for winding methods for high space factor.