Quality Assurance:

  • Engineered electrical insulation products meeting industry standards.
  • Consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Innovative solutions for various applications.
  • Reliable and high-performance materials.

Business Advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent quality
  • Reliable delivery

Customization Capabilities:

  • Specialising in custom thickness and sizes.
  • Short runs, prototypes, and production runs.

​​​MICAPLY stands out as a leading manufacturer and fabricator in the field of Advanced Engineering Composites and

Tapped Winding Wires.

Company Expertise:
    1    Thermoset Composite Manufacturing:

MICAPLY specialises in manufacturing thermoset composites for high-quality thermal and electrical insulation.

Our materials offer high-temperature tolerance, high electrical resistance, and flexibility.

    2    Component Machining and Fabrication:

We excel in machining and fabricating components for various applications, ensuring precision and quality in every part we produce.

    3    Insulated Wire Manufacturing:

MICAPLY is the leading manufacturer of insulated round and flat wires made of copper and aluminium. Our wires are essential for producing windings in motors, generators, and transformers.​

Industrial Applications:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Railways industry
  • Heavy Duty Construction Equipment sector
  • Energy sector (Oil, Gas, Water, Wind, Solar Generators)
  • Automotive Manufacturing sector

Versatile Usage:

  • Wind Generators
  • Hydro Generators
  • Electric Locomotives
  • AC Induction Traction Motors
  • DC Traction Motors
  • Equipment Panels
  • Electrical Housings and Components
  • Insulators
  • Cell tower tops
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Motor Components
  • And more...


          ​INDIA :             

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         ​USA :               
         4 Ron's Edge Road 

         Springfeild NJ 07081 USA

         MICAPLY EU​​ 
         Portiastraße 5 81545 München, Germany
         Tel: +49 89 28946288


We are a well-known manufacturer and fabricator of thermosets and advanced engineering composites, as well as Tapped Winding Wires.