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​​​MICAPLY is one of the leading manufacturers of Engineered Electrical Insulation  products used widely in generators, transformers, convertors, motors, automobile railways equipments and Insulated Flat Copper wires used widely in Electric Locomotives, Transformers, Traction Drives, etc. 


With a combination of thermal stability, mechanical performance, and chemical resistance, our materials are extensively used in a wide variety of industries — from the manufacturing of electrical components and durable manufactured goods to the
Aerospace Industry, Railways Industry,  Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, the energy sector including Oil, Gas, Water, Wind and Solar Generators and Automotive Manufacturing.

Common products and applications are Wind Generators, Hydro Generators, Electric Locomotives, AC Induction Traction Motors, DC Traction Motors, Equipment Panels, Electrical Housings and Components, Insulators, Cell tower tops, Heat Shields, Circuit Breakers, Agricultural feeding troughs, Motor Components, Disc Brake Pistons, etc.


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Manufacturers of

Electrical Insulation Products &

Insulated Flat Copper Wires

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